THE QUEEN OF MOI-MOI — From 1k to the White House.

THE QUEEN OF MOI-MOI — From 1k to the White House.

I stumbled upon the show Binging with Game Changers on Africa Magic Family and that was my first time coming across Madam Ayodeji Megbope aka The Queen of Moi-Moi.

Apparently, this woman taught in a high-brow high school for many years before deciding to resign with a dream to open her own Montessori school.

Well, not every dream manifests as Joseph’s. This dream of hers failed and she found herself struggling to feed her family. So one day she made moi-moi as her sister-in-law visited.

Next day, SIL calls, “Your moi-moi is so tasty, can you make me some? I’m willing to pay.”

“I made it with 1k.”

SIL pays 1k.

From SIL to one or two more friends and our queen experiences her Aha moment. She discovers hunger cannot be wiring her and her kids when she has seen proof that someone out there can pay to eat her moi-moi. Hence the Queen of moi-moi was birthed.

Not only did she start making moi-moi to sell, she actually carries her moi-moi to the school where she had worked for years, where teachers and students knew her, refusing to focus on possible shaming but believing that familiar people will easily patronize her.

It works for her as she believes, but she doesn’t stop there. She continues to improve, finding more opportunities to expand through networking, securing grants, benefitted from the Goldman Sachs women initiative and became a Goldman Sachs ambassador. Her moi-moi took her to the White House as she served moi-moi at a Michelle Obama event. Now you know why she’s called the Queen of moi-moi!

Today she boasts of handshakes from President Obama, Michelle Obama, Warren Buffet mentions her name, etc. And creates different kinds of moi-moi dishes to thrill her customers and keep them expecting.

The things that stood out to me in the chat with Madam Ayodeji Megbope, the Queen of moi-moi are:

– Start from your point of advantage, whatever it is. Don’t be ashamed.

– Any gift you abandon will die; it will abandon you. If you use it, it will appreciate.

– Quit your comfort zone. The time to prepare for war is in peace time, never in the war.

– Most things we cherish are no destinies. Getting married is not the end of destiny; having children is not, Find your purpose because purpose is everything.

– Learn to recognise Destiny Helpers, humble yourself to recognise and attract them. Don’t look only up or level. Your destiny helper can be down; a maid, a trader, a small person. They can give you the link that can change your destiny.

So what are you waiting for? Start on your goals today! Face your fears!


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