How Choices and Habits affect our Goals.

How Choices and Habits affect our Goals.

Many times we missed out on opportunities that would have been very rewarding because our bad habits get in the way.

Good choices create opportunities.
Good habits make the most of them.

James Clear

Imagine you have decided to upskill and you have learned of all the opportunities the new skill will create for you; all you need to do is allocate time per day to learn the skill. But you have a habit of getting lost scrolling on social media in the little free time you have per day. You watch every video Facebook presents you and read every gossip or sob story that appears on your timeline. The little two hours of free time you had fizzles away and you procrastinate doing your lesson/class.

Imagine what you needed was a certain amount of money to learn the skill and you know it is something you can afford to save up in 3 months, but you have a habit of stopping by your favourite hair vendor or boutique everyday that the paycheck comes through. You end up continuously procrastinating saving up, pushing the new opportunities you wish to create for yourself further and further away.

I learnt of this lady who after months of training as a seamstress, decided to hustle for huge contracts. Great choice. She got connected to the headmistress of a primary school and given the contract to sew uniforms for classes primary 1 to 3, 2 pieces per person. Big deal!

Guess who lost that contract 3 months later — because of lies, unreliability, gross inability to keep to agreed timeline. Do you think she did this on purpose?

Habits don’t change overnight — if you are not a person who delivers one cake when you say you will, you will not be able to deliver 10 cakes on time either. You don’t change because your brand has blown; your brand blows because you change. If it doesn’t happen this way, the blow will crash sooner or later.

It is time to stop procrastinating your personal development. Don’t let opportunities meet you unprepared.


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