About Us

Over the years, pondering over achieving success in life goals, overcoming hyper distractions and procrastination and managing pressure formed a preoccupation our founder’s mind.

On discovering that helping others achieve their goals is also a valid goal, Ms. Emmanuella finally felt peace and found the confidence to start up the accountability initiative through which she has helped over fifty people either get started on their goals, focus and scale their goals and handle even bigger projects.

We are raising a community of positively aligned persons who do not view success as out of their reach and are willing to invest their mind, power, grit and integrity to achieve success.

The top is lonely enough, the journey to get there doesn’t have to be. At GAP, we partner with you to provide all the support you will need on your journey.

When you need the push, we’re here for you… Join our community to grow with like minds.

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